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Processing Solutions Inc. // XeroPoint.


Look no further!  Imagine pulling up to a five-star hotel and they park your car, take your bags, walk you through the doors and escort you to the rooftop suite.  That’s what Processing Solutions, Inc. has done for you.  With 13 years in the business and an A+ rating with the BBB, you can begin to build your confidence here.

What you should know first about this company is they have a very good reputation for being ‘good’.  That may sound redundant, but there is so much merit in a company being good.  They’ll offer good service.  They’ll offer good products.  And, they’ll ultimately surround themselves with good clients that help the company grow and be stable.

Targeted Approach

What we liked right away is that they have a branded approach for their cash discount program – XeroPoint.  This is not a gimmick just to make more money on a merchant.  It’s a tailored solution for someone looking to save money.  Processing Solutions Inc. offers a free terminal that is already prepped to get you started on a cash discount program out of the box.  This is important to you as a merchant because there are some requirements associated with offering a cash discount that you must be in compliance with in order to mitigate your exposure and risk.  Here’s what you get with the XeroPoint. package from Processing Solutions Inc.-

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  • FREE XeroPoint. Enabled Terminal
  • Fully Compliant Receipts Showing Cash Discount
  • Option to Bypass Service Charge for High Value Customers
  • Free Signage Shipped with Your Terminal
  • No Statement Fee
  • No PCI Fee
  • $0.00 Per Month with the XeroPoint. 2.0 Progam!



All of their services are focused on reducing or eliminating your processing fees where possible:

  • Hardware
  • EMV
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Debit Services
  • Credit Services
  • E-Commerce Processing
  • B2B
  • Surcharge
  • Credit & Debit Card Processing

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Customer Support

Processing Solutions Inc. offers a unique flare to customer support.  Of course you can submit a support request from their website, and you can call a hotline.  But what happens next is pretty great.  Processing Solutions Inc. has a network of Certified Payment Professionals around the country that they are able to connect you with so that your unique needs can be met by someone close to you, or even right there in your establishment.  Something else that we found very encouraging is that they have had zero complaints reported to the BBB.



You’d be doing yourself a favor by giving sincere consideration to Processing Solutions Inc.  Among all of the processors that offer cash discount, and those ranked here on, we highly recommend getting in touch with the folks at Processing Solutions Inc. to discuss your specific needs and get started right away cutting your costs.  We don’t see a reason at all to dissuade you from looking into them.


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